Session Proposal is Now Open.

Now the proposal of symposium sessions is open. All potential topics related to the symposium themes are very welcome.
Session proposal should include session, title, abstract and list of potential speakers. The deadline for submitting your proposed session is July 15, 2019.
Please fill and submit your session proposal by using this form. We will send you a confirmation by email within 7 days.

Announcement of The Fourth Asian Marine Biology Symposium

We are pleased to announce the Fourth Asia Marine Biology Symposium (AMBS2019) will be held at Taipei, Taiwan during Nov 4-6 2019.

This symposium covers the important topics relating to the conversation and proper development of marine ecosystems. The themes of this symposium can include and is not limited to:

  • Biology and ecology of benthic animals
  • Biology and ecology of plankton
  • Assessment and conservation of coastal environment and ecosystem
  • Taxonomy and phylogeny of marine organisms
  • Other general issues of marine biology, ecology, and coastal fisheries
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