Welcome Message – Dr. Hiroaki Tsutsumi

      In Phuket, Thailand, in December 2013, Asian Marine Biology Symposium started to promote the exchange of information of the most recent achievements on the research in the fields of biological studies of marine and coastal areas in the Asian countries.

      Very fortunately, due to the big efforts and cooperation of various researchers in various countries, this symposium has been held regularly (The 2nd in Jeju, Korea, in October 2014, The 3rd in Kumamoto, Japan, in November 2017). It is a great pleasure that we are able to have the fourth symposium in Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan), between November 4 and 6, 2019. I would like to appreciate deeply to the efforts for preparation and management for the symposium held in Taipei by the members of the local committee of the symposium and the staff of Taiwan National University.

      One of the most important thing for us to meet each other regularly, and talk and discuss about the most interesting issues on the research of each other with the participants that we cannot meet to meet frequently. We are able to learn many things from the people with different sense, knowledges, experiences, techniques, and ways of thinking in research. I hope that all of the participants enjoy to get the latest information of various studies related to the biological studies in marine, coastal seas, estuaries, and related aquatic environment in Asian countries through this symposium in Taipei.

   I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon at the symposium, and having an exciting time to talk.

Professor Hiroaki Tsutsumi

The chairman of the 3rd AMBS organizing committee

Faculty of Environmental and Symbiotic Sciences, Prefectural University of Kumamoto

Kumamoto, Japan