Scope of the symposium

   In Asian countries, marine ecosystems are familiar to our lives, and have supported demands for various natural resources including food, and contributed to forming the basic structure of the society of each country.

  The conservation and proper development of the marine ecosystems are becoming more important social issues for ensuring the sustainability of our regional societies. Recently, increasing numbers of researchers are examining marine biology and ecology that deal with various aquatic organisms in Asian countries. However, we have limited opportunities to exchange critical information and discuss future research.

  Here, we started to hold an academic symposium that dealt with various fields of the scientific studies related to marine organisms in Phuket, Thailand between 13 and 17 of December in 2012. We aim at exchanging information of the most recent achievements of the research not only in the basic fields of marine biology and ecology, and environmental sciences, but also fisheries that develop in the coastal ecosystem, and promoting these sciences among Asian countries.

  This symposium has been held among Asian countries every two years. The second symposium was held in Jeju, Korea, 1-3 Oct in 2014. In 2017, The third symposium is held in Kumamoto, Japan, 3-5 November.

This year the fourth symposium will be held in Taipei, Taiwan during 4-6 Nov, 2019.